Tuesday, September 23, 2008

no mood no mood!
daddy hunting for me!

i admit i'm scared of daddy
cause his scary!!!
somone help me please...
i've got nothing else to pray for
except for daddy not nagging at me
for not coming home for i think
1 month.

angie helping me block daddy's bullet!
thanks baobei
no mood blog neh
going die soon
die die die

Monday, September 22, 2008


pictures will be post soon.
quarreled with mel.
i wont & dont wanna explain too much
wasting my time & breath.
over all, those who understands me aint much.
i shall name those who understands me.
baby angie
<3>(though theres quarrel btw us not long ago but
're still one of those who understands me.)
<3>(we drift but u know who i am & what i am)
<3>(cause 're always by my side though not physically but mentally)
sotong; rebecca
<3>(u know my all about my life. and the bullets we block for each other)
<3>('re dear to me)
<3>(at least somethings u know i wont joke with or LIE)

hummm, i'm disappointed in many things and many people
but i've learn to put down everything & everyone.
no point cause its wasting my time.
irwan taught me, old ones dont go new onw wont come
so i think its time for "some" new friends
and fuck those "old" ones.
anyway if you people think i'm the one who spam 're blog,
den 're so wrong.
go ahead & think is you wan
what i've done i dare to admit
but this i dare say i never
cause i mean thats the fact
soyonara old friends....
or should i say fuck off old friends?
i dont knoe.
no point wasting my brain power to worry & get stress up because of them
like i say those i treasure isnt much.
our friendships are just like ice-cream
once they melt, their gone
den its time to buy a new one.
so well,
till next time peeps

PS: to THOSE old friends,
learn to cherish & get your facts right before u say say things that will hurt others
i swear the word cherish wont appear on you guys from me
ever again cause
once again you guys disappoint me in many ways.

Friday, September 19, 2008

wednesday night, i recieve a very very very bad news from angie.
something bad happen to weihao & his family.
gosh, think about the fun i just to have with them.
so meet up with angie in the morning at my house planning to visted them.
went to my house downstairs for breakfast.
after that compass point to waste time.
waiting for bus 119 to go back old skol.
i miss time days. i really do.

went amk hub to watch movie neh
and the cinema is totally empty! pui
baby dearest brought me back to his house to sleep
cause i'm superly tired neh...
i slept all the way from 2 plus to 12 plus at night.
super power right hahas
baby dearest brought his superbotak out
went to newton to eat with baby dearest, johnny, peggy & gary
went east coast after that.
bear bear time!
baby dearest spend 124 on all this bear.
i love you.
went pass melmel's blog today.
she's upset.
i left her out.
i'm sorry
i swear i didnt use you to waste time when irwan's working
he complain that i always put friends first and hack him totally.
thats why.
and i haven been feeling well lately.
the most i go was out night and asleep in the afternoon
lies? i've been staying his house eversince the first time.
sometimes we just went out for dinner and den back his house after that.
i didnt take you for granted.
i cant call out the past few days cause of sim card problem you should know that
remember i called u that day wanted to meet you?
you have plans after that so i went to meet others instead.

i guess 're really disappointed with me.
and i dare say not only you who are disappointed.
i'm sorry.
in my previous post i've aready say no more
magnet & metal alr.
so i hope you guys will accept me again.
i'm sorry

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

yesterday while on our way to malaysia with baby dearest & barney,
we saw one CBR 400,
his like wearing one full face & dame laolan lah.
baby dearest go for him...
result, CBR400 went missing
anyway i saw two R1 next.
humm,what day is it neh?
all big bulls are out neh
at singapore custom,
boring, hot & smelly
inside malaysia
ESSO petrol station
saw a sparks rounding around the petrol station.
aiming for people to rob
malaysian robbers sucks
went out of malaysia
went to eat
went seperate ways with barney
i'm still sick so baby dearest went to his house near by shop to buy medicine for
his the sweetest guy on earth lah!
he suddenly crave for yu tiao
so we walk our way there.
on the way,
he ask me one question,
if let me choose again...
weihao or him
who will i choose?
this question hit me hard on my face.
who will i choose??

SWH brought me tears but at the same time,
the joy & happiness he gave me was irreplaceable.
his the first guy i really wan back in my life.
his the first guy whome i wanna spend my whole life with.
but still his my past, my ex...

IRWAN gave me everything.
he cares & love me deeply.
he never makes me worry
his a stubborn fellow.
but he wans me to be a good girl.
he wont let anything happens to me.

so i think i've made my decision.
my choice is IRWAN.
i told him.
no matter who returns,
i'll still choose you!
cause i love you
no more romances with baby dearest.
now my girls & beeeeee.
saturday is booked by judi BEEEEEEE
i know i left you out this past few months
but i'll make it up
i swear i will
hahas this coming saturday, cant wait.

sotong, its a random thing that i actually see our older post.
i misses the times.
i promise no more magnet & metal with irwan
and spend more times with you okays,
're with me when i'm sad
and i cant be with you when 're depress.
this i feel guilty.
sorry darlg
my girls,
i haven forget all the happy times we spent together
pls come back to me.
cause i miss you guys deeply
gosh, i'm having cough & flu neh
baby dearest cant sleep well yesterday
due to my non-stop techno coughing.
Jurong Hill <3
baby dearest brought me to jurong hill...
sweet & romantic neh.
but didnt stay long cause i wanna go changi airport.
enjoying the wind.
finally after 30mins of ride,
we reached changi airport
Humm, what's that? O0O its the control station.
parking his bike at the carpark,
we walk our way towards T3
His the light of my life...shine baby shine
had our very early breakfast at kopitim,
his the present god have gave me.
our love was so sweeter den his ice kachang
Our love is sweeter den his ice kachiang
right after our very early breakfast,
baby dearest makes my day.
we went for early stroll at T3
memories he gave me at T3 .
after our very early strolling at T3,
we have found our way into love
we walk our way towards the skytrain going to T2
we were talking about how long we haven
travel in public transport.
and at the same time,
we were talking pictures all the way towards T2

final stop, viewing point at T2.
tired & sick
home sweet home
woke up dame early today...
baby dearest got his car lesson today.
after he was awake,
i went back to ZzZ
we went over to val's house after i'm awake.
and its like 5 plus in the evening hahas.
kuku i waited for nearly and hour for the kuku lah
went to changi chalet after that...
hungry & bored,
i went geylang to find baby dearest
we will be going malaysia later
well, tha ts all for today neh.

Monday, September 15, 2008

baby, 're my prince & i'm 're princess!
woke up around 4 plus yesterday
went straight to baby's shop...
i'm like craving for bishan's pork rib tea.(dont now what's its call in english neh)
instead of bringing me to bishan,
we eat geylang's pork rib tea.=)

sweet as sugar; close as magnet! <3
because of johnny's lateness,
we cant close shop early!
dame it.

sweetest kisses, memories @ eastcoast.
after johnny reach,
went over to baby's house there for supper.
prawn noodle for me & baby
prawn noodle without prawn & noodle for johnny.
(okays) its a prank we're playing.
the aunty's going mad hahas.
we decided to go east coast to celebrate lantern festival=)

baby dearest caught all this for me!
instead of playing candles & lanterns,
we went to catch bear bear,
baby caught all this for me!
i love you baby boy!

they miss their childhood ... i miss mine too!
while johnny, baby & junchen was catching bear bear,
peggy and co. playing car car.
hahas they shall miss their childhood neh =)

join us! hahas barney arh, the carcar wanna spoil le neh

merry go round & big ugly dino! ROARRRRRRRRRRRR
went mac to rest.
went back back baby's house.
tired & shaggggggg.

baby dearest's work of art!

hello kitty PGM. with my code on it. <3

though its just a toy bike but the effort means everything.
're my everything boy.

i know you love me!